Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas - Day 9

Happy Birthday, Jesus  part 2

Yesterday we talked about have a Birthday Party for Jesus.  Whether it is done for your family alone or you invite family friends, your children’s friends, etc., I definitely hope you do this and make it a tradition in your family.

There are a couple of more things here that you can add to your birthday celebration:
Any time you go to a birthday party you take a gift for the birthday person.  We want to take a gift to this party as well and ask you to purchase a gift that is gender and age appropriate to yourself.  Wrap it up and label it (boy/age12 or girl/age 10 etc.).  After the party these can be delivered to the charity of your choice such as Toys for Tots, Angel Tree,etc. and this will allow those involved to enjoy the experience of giving…even to someone they don’t know, but has a need.

 The other, very special thing, that you can add to your birthday celebration is the Candy Gospel Train.*  This is a very fun thing, both to make and/or to give (and definitely to eat, when the time is rightJ).  However, it has another, more important purpose.  Remember that it is called the Candy Gospel Train?  I use this as an illustration and the lesson goes like this:

            This is a very special train.  Would you like to ride on it?
This train represents our life and the engineer of our train is Jesus.  He is in complete control of the train.  He decides where it goes, which tracks to take, how fast or slow to go, and when and where it stops.  If you  would like to ride on this train, you will need a ticket.  You can’t buy one, or earn one, but you can get one when you:
·        Recognize that you are a sinner (have done things that are wrong and/bad).
·        Believe that Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for your sins
·        give your life to Jesus and ask Him to become the Engineer (Lord) of your life.
When you do this, you receive a ticket and get on board!  This ‘train’ of your life will take you on an adventurous ride and its' destination is Heaven where you will live with Jesus forever!
Have a wonderful time at your party for Jesus! 

*The Candy Gospel Train is available in a kit that contains all of the ingredients necessary to make it, detailed instructions, and a copy of the lesson.  $23.00 a kit – must be ordered and picked up by Dec. 15th.  Shipping is also available.

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