Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas - Day 10

Christmas – Day 10

Christmas Cookies

 Today I want to share a wonderful, fun way to make Meaningful Christmas cookies.  In fact, next week my husband and I are going to visit our children and grandchildren and we already have our baking day planned.  The cookies we are going to make are what I’m going to share with you right now.  Here we go!

You will need cookie cutters in the following shapes:* 
            Christmas Tree
You can either make your own sugar cookie dough or purchase it.  As you roll it out on a well-floured board you can cut the shapes and, at the same time, share why those particular shapes have been chosen.
Christmas Tree –What goes under the Christmas Tree?  Gifts!  Jesus is the first, and the
  best give anyone could ever receive. 
Angel – Angels were sent to proclaim the birth of Jesus to the Shepherds.
Star   The Wise men followed the star and they found Jesus.
Heart –The heart represents love.  Do you know that God loves you?  In fact, He loved
 you so much that He gave you a sacrificial gift.  What is a sacrifice?  That’s
 when you have something that you really love and you give it away,,,just like God gave Jesus to us.
Cross –The cross which was used to bring death, became a symbol of life.  The cross
represents Jesus.  He went to the cross to die for our sins and when we believe in Him, He forgives us our sins, allows us to have a relationship with Him, and gives us eternal life.
Dove – This represents the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit comes to live in us when we believe in
 Him and gives us the power to live for Jesus.
Church – This is where we go to worship God, learn more about Him, and fellowship
with other believers.
Candle – The candle represents light.  Jesus is the light of the world and we are to let our
 light shine so that others can know Him.

When you are finished, and after you eat some, of course, you can frost these by making a mixture of powdered sugar and water and adding the appropriate food coloring as follows:

 the Christmas Tree-green; the angel-white; the star-yellow;  the heart – red; the cross-white with red stripes; the dove-white; the church; white; the candle yellow with a red ‘flame’. 
Once they are completely dry, place them into a clear cello bag in that order, tie it closed and attach a tag to the tie that explains the meaning of each shape.**  These can be given to lots of people as little ‘thank you’ gifts.  I share them with my postal carrier, the tellers at the bank, the pharmacy where I purchase my medications; the men who pick up my trash, etc., as well as my friends and neighbors.  Enjoy!


*These cookie cutters are available and can be ordered by emailing me:   $15.50/set, only 8 sets left, must be picked up by Dec. 13th.

**These bags and tags are also available at the above address – 20/$5; 10/$3;  5/$2.

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