Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas - Day 14

Christmas Cards

One of the joys we have during the Christmas season is to share the message of Jesus birth with friends and family.  This is a great opportunity as we can share His Good News with others no matter where they may be.  Through this simple card, we are able to bring hope for hurting hearts with the same message the angels shared on that night so long ago: "Behold I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people" Luke 2:10.  Jesus came, not to condemn the world, but to save it,  He offers us peace; true, lasting peace that we can have in our hearts through Him.
Over the years, these Christmas cards have become Christmas letters, where we share with others the special things that have taken place in our lives over the past year.  Here again, we have a marvelous opportunity as we share what He has done in our lives.  The exciting times and the many blessings He has given, as well as the difficult times and things He has brought us through.  He is ever faithful and we have yet another opportunity to share the reality of Christ with others. 
Receiving these cards from others is also a blessing.  This year, as you receive Christmas cards in the mail why not place them in a basket and put it on your dining room table?  Each evening as you gather to eat together you can take the cards you received that day and read them aloud.  Then take some time to pray for that person/family.  Pray a blessing on them - that the Lord Jesus would grant them grace and peace, draw them closer to Himself, and that they too would share His love with others.  You can also pray for any requests they may have shared in their letter to you. 
In addition, this is also a perfect time to pray for the salvation of those friends and family members that do not yet know Him.  We can ask the Lord to open their hearts and give them ears to hear the wonderful message of Jesus.  Your children can share in this as well and, in the process, learn the importance of praying for others. 

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