Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas #5

Ornaments on your Christmas Tree

I'm sure we all have lots of ornaments that we enjoy putting on our tree.  For today's emphasis on Jesus I'd like to suggest a couple of ornaments that you may not have seen or considered before.
On the very front of my tree, near to the top so it's sure to be seen, are two 'ornaments' that at first may look out of place.  The first one is an apple.  Why?  Let me explain:
If you see an apple and are thinking in terms of the Bible, what will you think of?  Right - Adam and Even in the Garden of Evil and the apple that they ate.  Because of this, sin entered the world.  Tied onto the apple ornament with a red ribbon is a tag which reads:
This apple reminds us of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  It was through their disobedience to God's law that sin and death entered the world.  Romans 5:18-19.
On a branch right next to it hangs another ornament - a wafer of bread.  This, too, has a tag and it reads, "This wafer of bread reminds us of the body of Christ which was broken on the tree when Jesus died for our sins.  Romans 5:18-19.
What we have here, in these two ornaments, is the gospel.  Man sinned, and Jesus died pay for our sins.  That's why He came. 
Because these ornaments are a bit unusual, they tend to stand out and will attract the attention of those looking at your tree.  They may either ask you about it or simply read the card, however, in either case they will have something to think about.
This is also a wonderful way in which you can share the Gospel with your children, grandchildren, etc.  Whether they help you decorate your tree or simply see the ornaments hanging there, you have the opportunity to share this account with them. 
I hope you will make these ornaments editions to your Christmas celebration and take every opportunity to share about Jesus with others.

(You may make these ornaments yourself or purchase them from Making It Meaningful Ministries by emailing me and placing your order.  1set-$4.50).

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