Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas - Day 23

Share Greetings of Meaning

Merry Christmas!  What does it mean?  Merry means “pleasant” or “Joyful.”  Christmas comes from an old English word which means the “feast of Christ.” 
A “Feast of Christ” was a worship service where people would take bread and wine and celebrate the Lord’s Supper – the last meal He ate with His disciples before He went to the cross.
Why would we remember the death of Jesus on His birthday?    If Jesus hadn’t been born, He couldn’t have died on the cross to take away our sins.  If He hadn’t died on the cross, He couldn’t have risen from the dead and defeated death.  If He hadn’t risen from the dead (His resurrection), there wouldn’t be any reason to celebrate – anything – ever.
Because He did do these things, we can be pleasant and joyful as we remember His great love and sacrifice for us and we can share with others how they, too, can be pleasant and joyful – because of what Jesus has done for them.  We can encourage them to accept His forgiveness and give their lives to Him.  So – let’s be sure to say “Merry Christmas”!


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