Saturday, June 23, 2012

Connection, Acomplishment, and Jam!

A week or so ago I invited a few friends over to learn how to make jam.  They seemed excited about it and were looking forward to learning something new.  All day long I  kept thinking to myself, why did I do this?  This jam isn't difficult to make, the instructions are right in the box.  Why would they want to come here to do something they could so easily do at home?  But the date was set and I was looking forward to forward to seeing them and helping them do something they hadn't done before.
As they arrived we took some time to chat and get better acquainted.  As each woman came she joined into the conversation and we were all getting to know one another better.
We finally moved into the kitchen and I began explaining what to do and had each of them do the steps so they could be familiar with it.  We chatted while we took turns measuring ingredients, checking instructions, mashing berries, heating the syrup, mixing it with the berries and pouring the jam into the jars.  It didn't take long and our mission was accomplished. 
As we talked I shared with them my thoughts of the day - why would they want to come when they could read the instructions for themselves?  Their response was that it was nice to have someone show them and remove the fear of "what if I'm not doing this right?  What if it doesn't turn out?"  Being hesitant myself about trying something new on my own I could understand that.
One of the greatest clues I received concerning the true validity of the evening was when one dear friend said as she left, 'It was so nice to visit and chat with some ladies I don't often get to see and to leave with a sense of accomplishment - her 2 jars of jam!
Connection and accomplishment.  Enjoying friends and sharing in an activity that was beneficial for their families.  Wonderful!
I'm so glad the Lord didn't let me get caught up in my 'off track' thoughts.  I would have ruined a great evening and missed a wonderful lesson!
He knows we need connections with one another - and I'm so glad He reminded me of this.  I can hardly wait until we learn to can peaches together!
Join us if you like - Friday night, July 13th, 7-9pm or Saturday morning, July 14th from 9:30-11:30am.  Contact me if you want to come!