Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas - Day 20


As you walk or drive by many homes during this Christmas season you will often see candles in the windows.  They always look so warm and inviting to me, I just want to go inside! 
Here is the story behind these candles in the windows:   On Christmas Eve, many Irish families of faith put a single candle in each of their 3 windows to represent Joseph, Mary, and Jesus.  If a traveling priest saw these candles he would know that the doors of that home were unlocked and he could go in, have a meal with that family, and celebrate Christmas with them.  These believers in Jesus knew the scripture that says “Jesus is the Light of the World: (John 8:12).  No matter what happens, the darkness can’t put out the light that Jesus is!  He is the light of salvation to all who will trust in His sacrificial death for lost sinners.  And that means all of us.  “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”.  Jesus is our Savior form the darkness of sin.  Trust in Him and walk in the light of His deliverance.
To illustrate this, some evening take your children into your basement or a closet and turn out all of the lights.  Talk about how very dark it is.  People who don’t know Jesus are living in the dark.    Then, all at once turn on a flashlight or flip the light switch and let it shine brightly.  This light represents Jesus, the Light of the World.   The darkness vanishes in the light.   Jesus also tells us that we are His lights in the world….we can shine brightly when we obey Him and tell others about Him.  Then they can be in the light too.
I hope you have experienced the light of His love during this season of lights.

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