Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas - Day 16

When our children were young they used to delight in putting on pageants or plays for our family and friends.  It was fun for all as they enjoyed doing it and we enjoyed being entertained! 
Why not give your children the assignment of putting together a play of the Christmas Story and presenting it to the family? You can give them some help, of course, but let them use their imaginations.  Would they like to be at the manger when Jesus was born?
Perhaps they would like to be the shepherds in the field when the angels announced His birth and then followed the star to find the Messiah.  Put out some sheets and let them make ‘robes’ for themselves and you might even supply some large plastic candy canes to serve as shepherd’s staffs!

If you have older children, why not ask them to act as modern day news reporters announcing the birth of Jesus?  One could be in the field with the shepherds, one reporting on the heralding angels, another at the inn where Joseph and Mary were turned away.  How would they explain these events?
Set a date, invite your guests, and prepare to enjoy the evening!   Not only will this be a fun activity, it will also open the door for some great conversation with your children, family and friends.


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