Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas - Day 1

Greetings, Dear Friends!
Today is December 1st and we are counting down to Christmas day.  What joy and anticipation I hope we find as we focus on Christ and His coming birthday!
Each day I will be sharing an idea with you to help you keep the focus right where it needs to be - on Jesus.  I hope you find this helpful and enjoy it.  Praise God that He came to redeem us!

Day 1:  Have a family meeting (perhaps at breakfast or dinner) and talk about how Jesus is our greatest gift.  He left Heaven and became a baby to show His love for us.  Now, He tells us in the Bible   "a new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another." John 13:34.   We want to obey Him and share Him with others.  
 Talk about different ways you can show love to people:  saying something kind, helping someone, letting them have what they want even if you have to give up what you want, etc.  Decide together that you will do your best to show love to someone each day by doing something nice for them.  (This isn't so God will love us more, it is so we can show His love to others). 
When you put your nativity set out, put the manger in its' place but leave the baby Jesus out (for now).  Place a small container next to the manger and fill it with bits of straw.    Each evening as you gather around your table, or just before bed, share with each other what opportunity God gave you that day to show His love to someone.  Pray, thanking God for what He helped you do for another and let each person place a little bit of straw in the manger.  This straw will help make a nice, soft bed for the Baby Jesus.  (Mom - either Christmas Eve when everyone else is in bed or early on Christmas morning, be sure to place the baby Jesus figure in the manger for all to see!).  Continue doing this until Christmas - in addition to keeping the focus on Christ, you will be helping to form a new habit pattern!
Blessings to you all as we focus on Jesus during this wonderful season.

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  1. You are SO wise!!!! I am looking forward to each and every day of December now (even with the snow)...can't wait to have some other way to keep Christ in Christmas!!! Thank you for doing this!!
    Judith Herdklotz