Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas - Day 12

Christmas – Day 12

Christmas Caroling

As we continue to think about the wonder of Jesus and His birth we are reminded that He came to die – He came to offer salvation to all who would come to Him.  The Christmas season gives us many opportunities to share Him with others and one of these is to go caroling! 
There are many people we know that perhaps would never enter a church, but would open their doors to hear you sing Christmas carols to them.  This is a wonderful tradition….and a wonderful opportunity.  Why not gather your family, or some dear friends, set a date, and join together to visit the homes of some people you know who need to hear the message of Jesus?  Pick a few carols that share the joy of His birth:
O Holy Night; Joy to the World; Silent Night; Hark the Herald Angles Sing, etc. and make an evening of it.

As mentioned above, this is a great opportunity to share the story of Jesus birth.  It is also an opportunity to show the love of Christ to those who might be alone or are going through a difficult time and could use a little encouragement.  Hearing the doorbell ring and finding carolers outside their door may mean more to them than you can imagine. 

As you go, why not take a package of those Christ Centered Cookies with you (see day 10) and leave them with your friends when you leave?  Knowing that you cared enough to come, to share, and to give them a little gift carrying a big message will help them to see something of the love of Jesus.

Have a wonderful time sharing the good news of Jesus and sharing His love!


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