Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas #2

Christmas Day 2
Today let's look at the colors of Christmas./  Each one tells the story of Jesus!
Gold:  represents the divine nature of God’s Son – He is the King.
White:  represents the purity of Christ-the spotless Lamb of God.
Silver: represents the price paid for His betrayal.
Red:  represents the blood Jesus shed on the cross for us
Green:  represents the eternal life we can have through Christ.
Isn’t this great?  Now, think about this:  if you share this with your children, your family members, friends, and anyone else you happen to talk with during this Christmas season, do you know what you’ve done?  You have shared the Gospel of Christ with them!  What a wonderful opportunity this is to then follow up by sharing with them how they, too, could have a relationship with the One who came to die for them.  I hope the Lord gives us all many opportunities to pass this message on during this season.

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  1. Hi Ms. Paulette!I'm Pam, mom to 3 kids 6-11 y/o.I heard you at Revive Our Hearts this week and I'm so thankful for your blog.We are starting with your Day1 suggestion today. TOmorrow, I will be sharing your Day 2 with my AWANA Truth and Training clubbers. I wonder if you have any idea how to represent sin? I have a brown christmas ball ornament which I can paint black or if you have any other idea, I hope you will share it with me. My email is you!