Saturday, August 4, 2012

Meaningful Relationships

My apologies for being away for sooooooo long!  I am hoping to have more posts on a regular basis - please pray along with me that this can happen!
I had a delightful experience yesterday that really made me think and I'd like to share it with you.
Many years ago when we moved to Denver and my husband became the Senior Pastor of a church there, we met a wonderful couple.  They were young, newly married, and we became great friends.  Years past and we both moved - it's been about 26 years now and....yesterday she contacted me!   What an apsolutely wonderful surprise!  It was great to hear what has taken place in their lives, their children,
As she shared with me, she thanked my husband and I for investing in their lives during the time we were together.  Truly, the privilage was ours.  What a joy and a blessing they were in our lives.
All of this caused me to think about the importance of meaningful relationships.  Over the years the Lord has truly blessed us by always bringing some new people into our lives that we have had the privilage of doing life with - sharing, encouraging, laughing, crying and loving the Lord together.  These relationships are critical.  Don't get too busy with other'good' things that you don't have time to build them - especially with your own family and your church family.  These are golden!

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