Saturday, August 11, 2012

I saw a dear friend yesterday who said to me, 'I haven't gotten a newsetter in a long time.  Have you stopped doing them?"  The answer to that questions is 'yes,' and 'no'.  I added a lot of new people to my address list and somehow created a disaster in my computer!  Some people got the newsletter and couldn't read it, some got it by couldn't open it, and some got mutiple copies and still couldn't read it!  For someone like me who is not very computer savy, this was not a good thing!  At the same time I was very busy with my responsibilities as Women's Ministries Director at my church (Harvest Bible Chapel/Granger) and I just had to let it go(:
I do apologize for this and am happy to tell you that the issue as been solved!  I will new be posting my newsletter here on my blog (   I do hope this puts us back together again!
And now for the August Newsletter:\

Can you believe summer is almost over and school will soon be starting again?  It seems to have gone by so fast but I do hope you have had a great time enjoying your family, loving on your kids and spending lots of fun time with them.  I also hope you had many 'memory making' moments and either wrote down an account of the events or took photos (or both) to place into a scrapbook. 

Looking Ahead
Since school is about to start I hope you are looking forward to this 'new beginning' and all that it has to offer.  Great opportunities to learn, to discover, to make new friends and see old ones, to have new experiences and to grow in knowledge and wisdom.  Did you know that the word 'disciple' in the Greek means 'learner'?  Jesus spent much of His time teaching for He knew there was much for His followers to learn and, as His followers, we have much to learn too.  Help your children embrace the joy of learning. 

Party Celebration!
Why not have a 'Back to School' Party?  You can do this as a family or you can have your children invite some friends over.  It can be a swim party or a backyard party with games and snacks - make it whatever you like, but celebrate!  Make going back to school a fun event....something everyone can look forward to with anticipation.  Share about the fun things you've done over the summer....and then share about what you are looking forward to during this next school year - being thankful in everything! 

Help for MOM's
Again, as the school year begins it not only brings opportunities for our children....but for us as well.  The more structured schedule that the school year brings is hepful, but there are always so many things to do!  How can you make this year run more smoothly?  How can you decide which things to do...and not to do, and how can you figure out when to do them? 
If you want help answering these questions, please mark your calendars and come to the Priorities and Planning class on August 30th, 9am-noon here in my home.  I will share a method for this that has helped me greatly and I believe it will help you too. 
Bring:  a yearly calander (large enough to write events on the days)
notebook paper, pen/pencil, school dates, appointments, etc. for the month of September.     Registration is necessary:  email, or call 574/220-3508.
 Fee:  $10.00

Christmas is Coming - Make it Meaningful!
Yes, I really did say that!  For those of  you who are new, let me explain.  I LOVE Christmas!  I think it is one of the most wonderful times because we have a wide open opportunity to tell people about Jesus - the real reason we are celebrating.  Please don't buy into the idea that it has become commercial and so we dread it or don't want to celebrate it.  Let me ask you, if we, as Christians who know Jesus don't celebrate His birthday and why we are so very happy that He chose to come to earth for our benefit, who else will?  No one!  Many, many people don't even know who Jesus is - honestly, this is true.  We have a great opportunity here, so let's made the most of it.
With this in mind, each year I pick a particular theme for Christmas and I use it to keep the focus on Christ throughout the month.  I choose the theme, share with you how I use it to center on Christ, and ask you to join me if you like.  So, what is the theme for this Christmas?  The Wreath.
Keep your eyes open for Christmas wreaths and I will starting sharing ideas with you next month.  Let's make this your best Christmas ever!
In addition, if you would like to come to my home and see some of the things I have done to keep Christ at the center of Christmas, set aside the date of  Nov. 30th from 7-9pm and come and see.  I would LOVE to have you:)
If you can't make that or if you would like to bring a group to my home for a Making Christmas Meaningful presentation, just give me a call (574/220-3516) or an email ( and I'd be more than happy to set that up for you. 

Looking forward to sharing with you next month!

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