Monday, February 20, 2012

The Purpose of our Families

 There is much talk today about values and high on the priority list of values is the subject of our families.  How are we to raise our children?  How are we to live?  With so many opportunities and so little time, how do we make wise choices about what our families do, or don't do, how we spend our time, etc.?  These are hard questions.
Let me share with you an article I just read that I believe will help us gain a proper perspective.  

"Real help comes when we see that the family exists for a purpose outside itself. Our families are healthy only to the degree that they understand their primary function in this world is not to be fulfilled within themselves. True family solidarity is a by-product of together exalting Christ, obeying His word, and being spiritually vigorous.
The family that knows its spiritual and redemptive purpose does not need external props. It has a supernatural cohesion. Its members have no option but to stay together and build meaningful relationships, not for their own sakes, but because they are compelled by the highest of goals.
Put another way, people who understand that their family’s chief aim is to testify of Christ and His life-changing power have no option to get divorced, commit adultery, abuse one another, or otherwise self-destruct. Do you want to keep your children from rebelling? Begin by teaching them from the earliest age that the family’s most important calling is to exalt the name of Christ in the community by living in obedience to Him.".      Dr. John MacArthur
I do hope this is helpful, dear friends.  We must not lose sight of Whose we are and what He asks of us.

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