Monday, February 7, 2011

Thank you, dear husband!

As I was putting things in order around my home this morning, I thought of how thankful I am to be able to do all the things I do - made possible by a husband who is willing to work hard to take care of his family.  Then I thought of those days where I don't really feel too much like doing those things I know I should do - plan nice meals, make sure the laundry is done, cleaning the house, tend to my appearance, etc.  Sometimes, I even choose not to do what I know I should do....because I can.  My husband, however, doesn't have that choice to make.  He goes to work, whether he feels like it or not, and does his job.  How do I thank him for that.....or, perhaps the better question is, do I thank him for that?  Does he know how much I appreciate what he does, day in and day out, whether he feels like it or not?  This is something I need to work on.  If, as I believe, he is my first human priority, how am I communicating that to him?  It is such a privilage to be at home and care for him and the family God his given us.  I need to refocus and truly see it as a career - which it is - and treat it with the thankfulness and loving care it deserves. 
So, what is my 'action plan'? 
Tell him how much I appreciate him for who he is - all that work he does every day to care for us is an outworking of his character.
Do special things to let him know he is truly my 1st human priority - notes in his lunch, dinners he likes, needs cared for and met, etc.
Making sure he can come home to a 'haven' after those long, hard days at work.
Yes, this will take time, and there are probably a few things I want to do that I will need to put on hold, but they aren't my highest priorities, he is.  And how perfect that this is the season of Valentine's day!!  Have fun with this - I'm going to!  Would anyone like to join me?
I'll be praying we will all be blessings to our husbands - you are all blessings to me!

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