Sunday, October 3, 2010

Walk Worthy

My quiet time this morning took me to Col. 1:10 where we are told to 'walk worthy of the Lord.'  What does this mean?  After meditating on this a bit, I believe it means to have what we believe be visably evident in our daily lives as our behavior is consistent with the Word of God.  God is worthy of all praise and honor and is to be glorified by our behavior.  This won't happen if we don't live out the words we speak.  In fact, that would bring dishonor to Him.  Oh that I would better understand that that's what life is all about - bringing Him glory and showing Him to the world.  We have been bought with a price - an incredible price - and do not belong to ourselves but to Him.  Not to us, but to His name be the glory!


  1. Great first post! Something to strive for today!

  2. Mom - Love this! So true. I was just talking with my small group about being selfless and that we are here to honor God with the lives that He gave us. We talked about how society sees those who are selfless as weak, and in many situations, when you choose to be selfless, you will get taken advantage of. However - this is exactly what Jesus did for us! I challenged them to think of others this week and to be INTENTIONAL by practicing one selfless act! I'm excited to hear from them next week! Thanks for the thoughts! What a great reminder!!!

  3. We have been studying in Revelation how we are marked by Christ, and how that means that others should know by our everyday walk that we are His. Only by being in the Word, and knowing what He says, can we walk worthy of the Lord.

    Way to start off a great blog!